Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reflection Post

Throughout these past 15 weeks I have learned a great deal. I have learned that even though I have grown up with technology always around, I had not a clue what to do with it as a teacher. I found out that I'm not as ready as I thought I was to start teaching with technology. However along the way I have found great tools.

One of the most helpful resources I was introduced to was the website Edutopia. They have many different resources that will help not only myself when teaching, but also my students. As we learned from the last chapter in our textbooks, you get more out of students if you give them a chance to help in the learning process. Why should I change something in our classroom or introduce something without showing the students why I want to try or do it? I think that the website is a great tool to use in the classroom and is one that I know I will be using in the future.

One of the videos from Edutopia that demonstrates democratic schools is shown below:

Another great tool that was given to us was the Delicious account we were told to make. I honestly didn't use this site as much as I probably should have. That was because I didn't truely see the purpose. There weren't websites that I was constanly looking for to help my future students, or news that I wanted to use for this class that I thought I had to save. But with our E-portfolios that were due this past week I saw the purpose and how easy it would make getting information across to my students and parents alike. This is something that now I see the purpose and how to actually make the account usefull that I will also use in my classroom. That is if I have to have an online website set up for my students.

That was another thing that I noticed. This course set us up looking at the idea that we would have to set up on online aspects to our classrooms. That was something that I have a hard time coming to terms with. I don't see weebly pages that have everything on them helpful to the students. I know that with my courses, as soon as all the powerpoints and notes are available I no longer see the purpose of pay attention to class. Why wouldn't other teenagers in a normal high school? With this in mind, I don't see myself using a weebly page, or creating a website for my classroom. What I do see is possibly creating a wiki page.

When we had to do a group wiki page, I saw this as being something that could work well in a group setting. I could give students a topic, or the powerpoint, and they have to work off of each other to get all the answers or find questions. This would then help both myself and the students. It would help me by seeing what topics I need to go over more. It would also help my students learn how to search the web or their textbook for more information. Also, it would help them learn how to work with others in finding useful information.

Overall, I think the textbook was very helpful in covering all the information we needed to learn to cover the objections that were given to us. I feel confident that I have learned something, even if my final project wasn't the best is could have been. The discussions made me re-read some of the chapters and concepts because what I didn't catch other students did and I wanted to understand what they saw. The assignments covered real life experences that we would be dealing with. I feel like I am prepared for teaching with online concepts now.


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